Since the inception of USTP, it has always been its mission to trail blaze in innovation that would contribute to science, technology, and entrepreneurship developments. However, the bloodline towards the realization of this undertaking is the educators moving within the institution. Consequently, these prime movers' efforts must be duly reciprocated with acknowledgment, affirmation, support, and reinforcement through a recognition program.

The USTP Teaching Excellence Awards 2021 is coming this December, and we are thrilled to unravel those who will triumph in the arena of teaching. Have you lived by the virtues of innovation and excellence throughout your teaching journey? Have you spotted colleagues who exhibit novel yet effective pedagogical practices? Watch the video to know more about the recognition program. You and your teaching colleagues might be in line for the awards.

What is Teaching Excellence Awards?

The Teaching Excellence Award is an annual program that recognizes the importance of teaching, its influence on the graduates, and ultimately the society's progress. It aims to spark motivation among faculty awardees to strive for the best and inspire a culture of practice and instructional evolution.

Apart from giving honor to the best pedagogical practices and innovation in teaching and learning, this program will serve as an instrument to focus the teaching force on the University's mission, vision, and graduate attributes that drive the student learning process. The program will also increase awareness of what constitutes teaching excellence at USTP; encourage faculty to strive to meet these excellence standards; reward faculty who exemplify teaching excellence; and enhance our means of recruiting, forming, and retaining excellent teachers.

Awards, Eligibility Requirements & Criteria

1. President’s Award for Holistic Excellence in Innovative Instruction (for Graduate and Undergraduate Categories)

An instructor/professor who uses techniques, methods, materials, technologies, or tools outside traditional teaching practices for the purposes of increasing student engagement, enhancing student retention, demonstrating difficult concepts, or encouraging critical thinking.

2. Innovation and Excellence in Laboratory Instruction

An instructor/professor who has practiced engaging, inventive and effective strategies to carry out lessons through simulations of actual, distance, or virtual laboratory set-up.

3. Excellence in Experiential and Industry-based Instruction

An instructor or professor who has commendably utilized methods and approaches that would allow students to experience learning assimilated with industry-based methods and approaches in the instruction.

4. Student Recognition of Excellent Teaching (Graduate and Undergraduate)

A faculty member who has attained Exemplary performance in the student evaluation for 3 consecutive years or 6 successive semesters

See posters for more details.

Eligibility Requirements

(Who will qualify for the awards?)

A faculty member who is/has the following may be nominated:

  • is a regular, part-time, or CoS faculty

  • teaching experience covers the beginning 1st semester of S.Y. 2019-2020 to the end of the 2nd semester of S.Y. 2020-21

  • have handled a minimum of 12 units of undergraduate teaching, or a minimum of 6 units for the graduate level

  • nominated by Dean/Department Chairperson/Unit Head who confirms the nominee’s practices as true, valid, holistic, noteworthy, learner-centered, and effective

Additional requirement for the category Student Recognition of Excellent Teaching (Graduate and Undergraduate)

  • if he/she has performance evaluation ratings from SY 2018-2019 to SY 2020-2021

Nomination Process

(What process will the nominee undergo?)

  • Nomination must be made by the college where the nominee is a faculty affiliated with. College will nominate deserving faculty members per Category. Only nominations from the College will be considered official (Director of Career Center may nominate a Faculty member for the Excellence in Experiential and Industry-based Instruction).

  • The nominee must be able to submit a duly accomplished nomination form and two (2) student narratives of experiences aligned/relative to the criteria or to the award category.

  • Nomination forms and other requirements may be submitted online via Google Form.

  • Nominations must be submitted on or before the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted

Click the links below to proceed to the nomination forms and download the necessary templates and forms before submitting your entries.



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