Webinar Augmenting the Way We Communicate and Present Our Brand Training

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson

CiTL takes into heart the importance of every member in the USTP system including the Office Staff; the people behind every success of an event or process in a department or office.

One hundred and seventy-four (174) office staff from all over the USTP Campuses, joined the said webinar where they were introduced to using Canva in creating and designing visual communication that would augment the way their respective offices would present and brand the office accomplishment reports in presentation form, activity posters, and infographics, office announcements/ advisory, virtual Flip Newsletters.

Mr. Arvin E. Narvaza gave his preliminary by exploring the basic interface of CANVA for the office staff who joined the webinar-workshop.

More specifically, the participants reinforced their ability to design posters while considering appropriate elements, colors, and even font size and style. During his talk, Mr. Arvin Narvaza, resource speaker, emphasized maintaining the "branding" of the office or the university in creating posters and even in the way we, the office staff, serve our clientele.

Mr. Arvin E. Narvaza gave his feedback of the Workshop 1 output to one of the staff.

Mr. Arvin E. Narvaza gave his feedback to improve the poster made by one of the office staff for Workshop 2.

A virtual pictorial of the office staff who joined the said workshop.