USTP Panaon and USTP Oroquieta train for innovative frameworks

Faculty members of USTP-Panaon and USTP-Oroquieta train for innovative frameworks-Design Thinking and Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) last May 4-5, 2021, and May 4-6, 2021 respectively, at Panaon Campus.

Engr. Lloyd Jhon B. Estampa started the Day 1 Design Thinking with positivity for the USTP Panaon & Oroquieta faculty members.

Dr. Amparo Vedua-Dinagsao gave her preliminaries for the Design Thinking participants.

Ten (10) faculty members from each campus gather to train for Design Thinking at the Training Center of USTP Panaon. During the training, the participants were introduced to the Design Thinking Framework, and its subtopics on Empathy, Persona, Industry Engagement, and Creative Solutions. As the training included workshop sessions, it was noteworthy that the trainees were able to present commendable outputs which showcased their understanding of the framework as well as their ability to use Design Thinking as a process in their conduct of classes.

Design Thinking participants blast the Day 1 by clustering their ideas.

Design Thinking participants planned their strategies on the interview workshop.

Engr Lloyd Jhon B. Estampa, Design Thinking Trainer of the University, was the main speaker during the event, and Dr. Amphie V.Dinagsao facilitated the training. The trainees will become Design Thinking Champions who will promote and advocate the application of Design Thinking to others.

Engr. Lloyd Jhon B. Estampa continued the workshop for the Design Thinking Day 2.

The Design Thinking participants showed their best ideas by presenting their innovative solutions for the workshop.

Another set of 20 pre-selected educators of which 10 are from Panaon Campus and another 10 from Oroquieta campus, equipped themselves on the Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate(CDIO) framework. Specifically, the faculty members underwent the Advancing CDIO Training which focused on topics like the CDIO Framework, STEEP Trend Analysis, and Graduate Attributes, Student Persona, Innovative and Conducive Learning Spaces, Designing and Planning Multi-Disciplinary Project, Peer Mentoring, Review Program Planning, Planning, and Implementing Flipped Classroom, Community of Practice and Planning for Industry Engagements. Similarly, workshops followed each session.

Two of the most prominent features of the training was the MILY (Most Important Learning) which gave the faculty participants a chance to share the topic or learning that struck them most and the workshop output which the trainees presented the following meeting.

Engr. Aileen A. Sieras shared her experiences on the training Conceive. Design. Implement. Operate. She also discussed the flip classroom.

Mr. Arvin E. Narvaza facilitated the CDIO at USTP Panaon & Oroquieta faculty members. Mr. Narvaza & Engr. Sieras catered the questions from the faculty.

CDIO Master Trainers Engr Aileen Sieras, Engr Lloyd Jhon B. Estampa, and Engr Rojien Morcilla facilitated the onsite training and were the main resource speakers of the training.

After undergoing the said training, and after a rigorous assessment of their outputs and participation, 10 faculty participants will be chosen to join the CDIO Champions in USTP-CDO as prime movers of CDIO Framework application in the teaching and learning practice.

Engr. Lloyd Jhon B. Estampa discussed the sustainability component of CDIO during the Day 3 of Advancing CDIO

Participants from the Advancing CDIO shared their output and have some feedbacks from the Master Trainer Engr. Lloyd Jhon Estampa.

Engr. Aileen Sieras gaves some feedbacks to the one of the groups especially to their plans on integrating CDIO in their subjects that they were teaching.

The last day of Advancing CDIO was facilatated by Dr. Amparo Vedua-Dinagsao. She congratulate everyone for their enthusiastic approach to CDIO. Also, she announced the exemplary faculty who stood out during the 3-day Advancing CDIO training.

Here is some feedback on the training:

"The training made me realize that teaching and learning are always evolving and innovation is part of that evolution. Engr Morcilla’s clear and informative discussion helped me understand the CDIO concepts better."

Ms Annielyn Lasagas, Faculty, USTP-Panaon

"CDIO Training reminded me that everything boils down to our clients- the students; that is why the discussion on the "Persona" had a great impact on me."

Engr. Joniko Angelo L. Medina, Faculty, USTP-Oroquieta

The CITL Team gathered for a group pictorial with the Advancing CDIO participants for the success of the training. The said training help the team to identify the champions of USTP Panaon & Oroquieta who will moved forward to the Faculty Mentoring-Coaching Program.