Trailblazer Educators Train for ToS Construction and Test Questions Validation

Three hundred eighteen trailblazer-educators from all over the USTP System train for ToS Construction and Test Questions Validation in a webinar conducted by CiTL last May 21, 2021, via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Dr. Amparo Vedua-Dinagsao discussed about the overview on steps on constructing a ToS and its validation. The webinar was held via ZOOM meeting and stream live through Facebook page of CITL.

Dr. Amaparo Vedua-Dinagsao explained the webinar was incorporated with LCRP for the introduction and emphasized its important on constructing a ToS.

During the online training, the faculty members were refreshed on how to create the Table of Specification (TOS) and how to validate test questions. Moreover, the event was a response to colleagues' request for re-training on the said topic to assist them as they prepare for examinations and the creation of test questions for the implementation of the Learning Continuity Review Program ( LCRP).

The webinar was given on emphasis on creating a ToS by breaking into components to simply identify purpose and parts of the template

The webinar was stream via Facebook Live of Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning page. The said webinar was attended by 318+ faculty members across the system.

During her talk, Dr. Amparo Vedua-Dinagsao, Resource Speaker, emphasized that "Assessment is a process that helps us infer the learning of students based on data."