System-Wide Curriculum Review Revs Up

TP’s system-wide Curriculum Review revs up as the Curriculum Review Team meets for the Review of the Policies and Guidelines on Curriculum Development and Review.

Mr. Arvin Narvaza made the introduction of the speaker

Mr. Rojien V. Morcilla discuss about the revisiting of the curriculum.

Last June 24, 2021, Chancellors, and Campus Directors met online to jumpstart the Curriculum Review for the whole USTP System as they reviewed the policies and guidelines on the curriculum development review.

In the meeting, Engr. Rojien Morcilla, CiTL Program Head, refreshed the team on the Outcome-Based Education ( OBE) Framework of the University, and the steps necessary for the Development of a Curriculum(DACUM). Engr Morcilla further specified needs analysis, occupational analysis, task verification, task selection, task analysis, and competency profile as salient phases in curriculum development.

Mr. Rojien V. Morcilla presented the ideal proposed stucture of Curriculum Review and Development to the Vie Chancellor, Deans, Directors and Chairpersons.

The Curriculum Review will go full throttle on July 21-28, 2021.