ITS : Sharing of Flexible Learning Teaching Experiences

USTP instructors shared their innovative Flexible Learning Experiences to the USTP community last October 28, 2020 via Zoom Cloud Meetings application. Dr. Cordulo Ascaño, Engr. John Rey Bajuyo, Prof. Juliet Cagampang, and Mr. Giovanni Cagurin, shared their best practices in conducting online lectures which effectively engaged students.

Dr. Cordulo Ascaño shared his experiences on how he created his module more engaging in flexible learning.
Engr. John Rey Bajuyo talked about being able to make short lecture videos using Zoom and Kinemaster application.

The said sharing was attended by 240 faculty members from all over the 7 campuses of USTP. The said was only one of the many series of webinars that CiTL conducted since that start of the year.

Prof. Juliet Cagampang emphasized the usefulness and convenience of using Jupyter Notebook in teaching programming.
Mr. Giovanni Cagurin shared how FUN can engage students

It is noteworthy that many faculty members benefited from these endeavors. As a matter of fact, many gave excellent remarks and testimonials regarding the webinars.