Design Thinking integrated into College of Technology Curriculum

John Dewey once said that if we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow. With this being said, the faculty members of the College of Technology (CT) once again embraced Design Thinking during the Retooling Design Thinking and Strategic Approaches to Teaching Innovative Solution Courses trainings last February 10 & 11, 2021 with the goal of integrating the framework into the curriculum; the enhanced curriculum will enable the university to produce more innovative, empathetic, and creative graduates.

CT hopes that this new program be implemented next school year and anticipate the full support and acceptance among the students.

One of the Design Thinking Participants CT Faculty discussed the design thinking implementation in his course module development to Engr. Lloyd Jhon Estampa together with his feedback.
Engr. Lloyd Jhon Estampa talked about the Design Thinking for the classroom instruction to the CoT Faculty members.
The CoT faculty members joined the Design Thinking for Classroom Instruction.

Students to immerse in design thinking

More than four hundred third year College of Technology students were introduced to the Design Thinking Framework during the Design Thinking: Orientation of the 3rd year CT students webinar via Facebook live last February 19, 2021. The College of Technology (CT) and Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CiTL) once again collaborated to acquaint the students on Design Thinking Framework and its plans to incorporate it to the CT programs. During the event, Engr Lloyd Jhon Estampa emphasized on the process of design thinking, and the characteristics of a design thinker.

This innovative framework, once added into the curriculum will further boost the students' ability to create things that are more beneficial and more successful in the society.

Engr. Lloyd Jhon Estampa discussed to the 3rd year CoT students about the Introduction to Design Thinking as part of the implementation of the Design Thinking for CoT.