CiTL Welcomes New Campus Coordinators

CiTL welcomes the new campus coordinators from Panaon, Oroquieta, and Jasaan. Ms Mary Jane Moralia ( Oroquieta), Ms April Dianne Caseros( Panaon), and Mr. Greg Pegarro (jasaan) were recently designated as campus coordinators for CiTL in their respective campuses.

Dr. Amparo Vedua-Dinagsao (CiTL Director) together with Mr. Greg Peggaro (CiTL Coordinator, Jasaan Campus) discussed the CiTL programs and talked about the plans of the training for the USTP-Jasaan faculty members.

Last February 8, 2021 Mr Greg Pegarro visited the CiTL office and was oriented on the various programs, activities as well as the mandate of the center. Dr. Amphie Vedua-Dinagsao, CiTL director, personally welcomed and shared to Mr Pegarro the vision of the center and the upcoming trainings that the center has plotted.

The CITL Coordinators: Mr. Greg Peggaro (USTP-Jasaan Campus, CiTL Coordinator), Ms. April Dianne Caseros (USTP-Oroquieta Campus, CiTL Coordinator), and Ms. Mary Jane Moralia ( USTP-Panaon Campus, CiTL Coordinator)

Moreover, with the presence of campus coordinators, the center hopes for a more harmonious and more effective implementation of the CITL programs and activities in the campuses of the USTP system.