CITL Rolls Virtual Discussions on Preparation for the Resumption of Classes

From April 21 to 24, 2020, the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning ran a series of virtual discussions on Zoom Cloud Meetings with the different colleges of Cagayan de Oro Campus, the Claveria Campus and the satellite campuses of Jasaan, Oroquieta and Panaon, to tackle about the resumption of classes.

The virtual discussions were initiated to spread awareness among various departments, per college, of the important academic guidelines that the University will employ upon the resumption of classes, which includes matters on grading, employment of distance learning, and the CHEd mandate which allows HEIs to have a month of extension prior closing the current semester.

A screenshot of CITL’s screen sharing of the general statement prior the discussion proper
A screenshot of some of the participants from the College of Engineering and Architecture

During the virtual discussions, the attendees were given clarifications on their frequently asked questions (FAQs), and were also acquainted with the study guide template which the faculty members will use for delivering classes online.

Making the Transition: CITL Rolls First Wave of Webinar for Content Development

Dr. Amparo Dinagsao, CITL Director, starts the webinar with the framework on making the transition, to give the participants a background of webinar series’ direction.

The Center for Innovative Teaching started rolling its first wave of the Webinar Series on Making the Constructive Alignment by Revisiting the Curriculum Map and Redesigning the Syllabus last May 7 to 8, 2020 on Zoom Cloud Meetings with the college deans, campus directors and department chairpersons.

Engr. Rojien V. Morcilla, CITL Program Head and resource speaker of the said webinar, shared to the participants as to how they would go about their reviewing and realigning process of their respective programs, courses, and intended learning outcomes with their own colleges, departments and campuses.

A screenshot of the Webinar title with the resource speaker, Engr. Morcilla, explaining the preliminaries and expectations for the session.
Resource Speaker, Engr. Rojien Morcilla, shares the USTP OBE Framework to review the participants as to how they would revise their Pos, Cos, and ILOs.

Based from the Making the Transition diagram, Making the Constructive Alignment by Revisiting the Curriculum Map was just one of the many webinar series that CITL will roll out. CITL Director, Dr. Dinagsao, assured the participants that more will come so the faculty will be able to transition smoothly along with the University’s movement towards flexible learning.