CITL Presents 2020 Programs and Plans to USTP System President

February 7, 2020—University President, Dr. Ambrosio B. Cultura, II sat down with the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning for the presentation of its programs and plans for the year. Mr. Arvin E. Narvaza, Program Head of the New Faculty Program and Webinar, commenced the presentation with the function and goals of the center, and introduced the program heads and their assigned programs. Dr. Amparo V. Dinagsao, Director of the Center, then presented the results of the faculty needs survey—the data used by the team to plan the suitable activities.

Dr. Dinagsao presenting the results of the faculty needs survey

Dr. Dinagsao explaining important points of the Center’s dynamics and synergy

Engr. Lloyd Jhon B. Estampa, Program Head for Capacity-Building, directed the presentation to the dynamics of the center; he exhibited a diagram of the programs’ functions and where in the implementation process the heads shall take charge. Engr. Rojien V. Morcilla, Program Head of OBE, CDIO and CQI, then followed the presentation of the event schedules.

Dr. Cultura, giving his feedback on some areas of the programs’ plans

Dr. Cultura with the CITL Team

Before the meeting concluded, Dr. Cultura gave his feedback and vision for the center. He also added inputs on which the center may consider taking responsibility of such as the improvement of the University website and the reopening of the senior high school program.