CHED-IDIG Project Goes Full Throttle

The CHED-IDIG funded project spearheaded by CITL goes full throttle as the team plotted the various programs and activities for the next 10 months last January 26-29, 2021 at Chali Beach Resort.

Strategic Planning for 2021: Dr. Amparo Vedua- Dinagsao open the program by discussing the accomplishments of CiTL programs with evaluation results for the year 2020 and shared the inputs and concerns gathered during the visit to the deans and campus directors.
The CiTL program Heads shared also their inputs and plans for the year 2021.

The said project, with all its programs and activities , focuses on the integration of innovation framework/paradigm in the various curricular programs including the developing and supporting the teaching and learning of innovation courses in engineering, teacher-education, technology and sciences through capacity-capability building trainings for the faculty members.

The CiTL Team prepared their plans on the upcoming training/seminar of the center in support for the USTP faculty for the year 2021. Also, the team discussed the programs that to be implemented for the CHED-IDIG-Project. The team continued their preparation for the PPMP for both CITL and CHED-IDIG Project.
The CiTL Team plotted the schedules for their programs for both CITL and CHED-IDIG Project funds.

Salient to the strategic meeting were programs and activities for the recently-awarded CHED-IDIG project to be implemented by the said center as well as the continuing and new trainings and faculty development activities for the whole USTP community.

The team commits themselves in supporting the faculty in their aspiration for better and more engaging teaching-learning sessions with the students.

The CiTL Team discussed their finalization of the programs plotted for the year 2021.
The CiTL Team: Dr. Amparo Vedua-Dinagsao (Director), Mr. Arvin E. Narvaza , Engr. Aileen Sieras, Engr. Lloyd Jhon Estampa, and Engr. Rojien Morcilla (Program Heads)