Chartering Mis Occ: CITL Reaches Panaon to Conduct DALM for USTP Oroquieta

Panaon, Misamis Occidental—CITL arrived at the Panaon Campus 10th of February in the afternoon at the Training Center to prepare for the conduct of its 3rd leg of the Designing Assessments of Learning and Methods (DALM) Training-Workshop for the 76 faculty members of both Oroquieta and Panaon Campuses on February 11 and 12, 2020.

Faculty members encoding their answers on questions about the goals of assessment
Engr. Morcilla, discussing the relevance of PIT to 21st Century learners

The two-day training-workshop went with its usual format of five sessions and outputs sharing and feed backing facilitated by Dr. Amparo V. Dinagsao, CITL Director, Engr. Rojien V. Morcilla, Program Head for Outcomes-based Education, Mr. Arvin E. Narvaza, Program Head for New Faculty Program.

USTP President, Dr. Ambrosio B. Cultura, II, also took time to share the 7-point agenda to the faculty members and emphasized that CITL is one of the services created for their development.

University Pres. Dr. Cultura, shared the 7-point agenda to the satellite campus faculty members.
Photo of the USTP System President, along with FPDU Director, Archt. Dumpa and faculty members