CDO, Jasaan Select Faculty Participates Design Thinking

Cagayan de Oro Campus select faculty, together with Jasaan Campus representatives, took part of the Design Thinking Training held last February 21 and 22, 2020 at the USTP Board Room.

Design Thinking USTP CITL Jasaan CDO
Participants sharing their concept of a prototype storage for children’s toys
Design Thinking Jasaan CDO USTP CITL
Speaker/facilitator Engr. Estampa, observing and giving feedback to the participants’ concept maps

The training aimed to equip teachers on how they process problems and create appropriate solutions for real-life circumstances. The speaker, Engr. Lloyd Jhon B. Estampa, Program Head for Capacity-Building of Faculty Members, made sure that the participants were distributed in a way that the specializations were varied per team to attain healthy exchange of ideas from different points of view.

Participants presenting their prototypes to other groups
Design Thinking Jasaan CDO 2
Participants of Design Thinking from CDO and Jasaan Campuses

The highlights of the training were focused on the exploration on how observations and insights differ, and how participants design prototypes of equipment solutions based on empathy. Afterwhich, interviewing techniques were taught, and participants approached different stakeholders of the University to ask about problems in the environment that needed resolutions. On the second day, the participants were tasked to conceptualize a persona which serves as their reference for making a solution-giving prototype. The prototypes were then shared and critiqued for improvement.

In a way, participating instructors were groomed to be champions of Design Thinking and that CITL hopes they influence faculty members in their respective colleges, departments and campuses with the Design Thinking Approach.