CDO and Jasaan Joins First Leg of Designing Assessments of Learning and Methods

The first leg of the Designing Assessments of Learning and Methods Training-Workshop for year took place January 9 and 10, 2020. The training-workshop was participated by Cagayan de Oro and Jasaan Faculty members of various departments. Speakers were Dr. Amparo V. Dinagsao, CITL Director, and Engr. Rojien V. Morcilla, Program Head for Outcomes-based Education. First day focused on sessions and workshops 1 to 3 which reviews on the goals of assessment, the creation of course outcomes and intended learning outcomes, and the construction of the TOS. Faculty members were tasked to share what they have talked about and decided on the group regarding the goals of assessments, but for workshops 2 and 3, participants were set to do the workshops individually.

Dr. Dinagsao discussing about test construction,specifically on multiple choice items
Engr. Morcilla talking about the USTP Grading System

On the second day, the participants had sessions 4 and five which was on the crafting of test questionnaires, the creation of rubrics and performance innovative tasks. Participants had the opportunity to share their workshop outputs and had their works critiqued for further improvement.

Participants of the training-workshop, from CDO and Jasaan Campuses

CITL Trains USTP Claveria on Designing Assessment of Learning and Methods

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning conducted its Designing Assessments of Learning and Methods Training-Workshop at the CLE Training Hall, USTP Claveria for two days from January 23 to of Agriculture, and College of Arts and Sciences attended the event and produced outputs after every session. Sessions were delivered by the Center’s Director, Dr. Amparo V. Dinagsao, and Engr. Rojien V. Morcilla, Program Head for Outcomes-based Education.

USTP Claveria Faculty discussing and writing their answers for workshop one
Dr. Dinagsao asking for a show of hands of the faculty who have practiced doing diagnostic assessments

The two-day workshop was also joined by the Vice-chancellor for Academic Affairs of Claveria Campus, Rene O. Arazo, PhD, who explained salient points of the University’s grading system. Dr. Nueva D. Salaan, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, concluded the program with a message of acknowledgements.

Engr. Morcilla sharing his examples of PIT in videos
CITL Speakers with the VCAA, CAS Dean and faculty of USTP Claveria